Vikas Gupta Gets Into PHYSICAL FIGHT With Puneesh !

Like last two weeks, this week also have lots of drama and entertainment in the store. The upcoming episode of the bigg boss will literally give you shock. In the very first week, Priyank was thrown out of the house for getting physical with Akash Dadlani. And this time, Vikas …


These Contestants Are Nominated For This Week’s Eviction !

The second week of Bigg Boss house was full of Ups and Downs with all the drama which were expecting in this season.  Weekend ka vaar of this week was much exciting in presence of host Salman Khan. Salman Khan was in light mood which we don’t see often and …


Sshivani Durgah REVEALED What Is Scripted And What Is Not !

Only motive of Sshivani Durgah was to convey everyone that Not all babas are fake! Holding this message close to her heart, she entered the bigg boss house to bring back the hidden glory of Sadhus. Though Sshivani survived only two weeks in the house, Salman Khan announced her eviction …


After Sshivani , One More Contestant Evicted From The House !

This weekend, Sshivani Durgah got eliminated. But wait there’s another elimination happened ! Bigg Boss Season 11, which is currently being hosted by Dabangg Khan, is slowly getting interesting and entertaining. The contestants are finally jamming up with each other as well as Padosi Luv Tyagi, Lucinda Nicholas, Sabyasachi , …


BREAKING: This Bigg Boss Contestant Evicted From The House !

After Priyank Sharma eliminated from the house by Salman Khan and Zubair Khan for getting least votes in the first elimination round, it’s time for the second week’s elimination. For this week’s elimination, 5 contestants were nominated 1) Sshivani Durgah 2) Sapna Chaudhary 3) Jyoti Kumari 4) Hina Khan 5) Vikas Gupta …


Salman Khan Finally REACTED To Zubair Khan’s Controversy !

Salman Khan, who is currently hosting India’s biggest tv reality show Bigg Boss , recently stirred a controversy when he called one of the contestants on the weekend ka vaar a ‘dog’. We are talking about none other than last week eliminated contestant Zubair Khan. Salman lashed on him very …


Hina Khan Slips To 5th Spot, Check Out Who TOPS The List

We are back with the weekly Bigg Boss rankings and there couldn’t have been a bigger shake-up in spots as this week. At number 10 is Sshivani Durga, where after giving one of the biggest moments last week, Sshivani was almost absent this time. Inspite of being nominated, Sshivani was …


Vikas Gupta Becomes Fan Of Shilpa Shinde

The fights and arguments between Shilpa and Vikas was the highlight of this season. And day by day the fight between duo was increased. Vikas and Shilpa shares an unpleasant past, continued to fight even inside the bigg boss house. Shilpa’s conversation with Vikas was always negative and leaded to …


Priyank Sharma REVEALS He Is Going Back Or Not !

Roadies and Splitsvilla fame Priyank Sharma has huge fan following all over the world. Fans were quite disappointed when Priyank got evicted from the Bigg Boss house after a physical fight with Akash Dadlani. Priyank was asked to leave the bigg boss house by Host Salman Khan for getting violent …


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While talking to the leading news channel about his comeback on the show, he said  “Nothing is happening (regarding the return to the show). I am out of the show, I have no idea if I am coming back to the show or not. Let’s hope for the best. I’m keeping …