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Coming to Mountain task, she was already very much exhausted going back to cooking and she done the task very calmly. How does she get energy to even talk? Please be considerate for others point of view for God’s sake other contestants and their followers! She only cooked when others simply rested on bed! Cooking with so much back pain and it is no fun to cook all the time even in stressful conditions!
The fact is she has that magnetic aura that gets into most of the viewers and her soul is like a glass…clearly visible and almost pure and innocent with natural flaws. We can easily connect to her more. By saying this even her fans are being humiliated. It is like her fans are just voting her because she is a celerity or she cooks or she acts very well which isn’t true at all. Her fans took lot of efforts to truly understand her and support a genuine person and they are being degraded for having better understanding and judging and for choosing a better contestant. Viewers have a good thought process and they know who have the qualities a truly deserving candidate has to have.

Simply saying she is being in kitchen so she is getting votes is an insult not only to her and viewers but also yourself! Yes!! It shows you either possess no understanding skills or you either chose to ignore using it!
All are associating Shilpa with the kitchen only.

Actual mein if you guys notice barring a few, Shilpa has performed really well in all tasks. Even of late she got out last in the BB mountain task.. statue task she was the one who stared at the opponents while they passed nasty comments on her.. made to eat chilly powder a lot many times… stood for 4 hours in the photo frame… sat in the dome for 42 mins and distracted 2 others who got nominated.. was really entertaining in the cushion task..raja rani task

Just cz BB was a bit partial to some others and had given secret tasks/ made others sanchalak doesnt mean Shilpa performed bad.

The last task – BB museum was a really dumb task cz both the thieves were not planning to rob anything and it wss impossible coz they had guards surrounded already. By screaming on top of lungs and manipulating others no one should get the title of a ‘Task champion’ in BB. Im so very glad someone pointed out to Q that this is not KKK where you win based on the tasks

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