Check Out Who WINS The Ticket To Finale Task !!!


The latest task for the ticket to finale is the solar task. The rankings don’t count much and do not determine who goes to the mall. Since Lopa was ranked no.1 she gets the benefit of joining the task later means she will join the task when first contestant gets out.

Rohan cannot participate again as he is nominated for the entire season. Therefore he is the sanchalak of the task.

In the task contestants will start on the outer ring and then go around it with a bowl of water in their hands. All contestants are required to protect their bowl of water and keep it filled. Other contestants can try to knock the bowl out of their hands. If someone drops his or her bowl they will drop out of the task. This task will go on for a maximum of one day. As each person gets out they will move more and more to the inner circle
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