Hansika Motwani Slammed Hina Khan For Derogatory Remark On South Indian Actresses

Can there ever be any dearth of controversies coming in from the Bigg Boss 11 house? The latest is about actress Hina Khan making a statement about how the South Indian film industry works. During a casual banter session with other housemates recently, the actress said that directors in the South want their actresses to gain weight and look voluptuous.




She further said that the audience down South loves to see their heroines wearing low neck outfits so that there is ample show of a woman’s cleavage. Flaunting where her expertise on how the industry works in South India, Hina went on to blow her own trumpet saying, “I know that they want their heroines to gain weight flaunt their bulging figures in low cut blouses. I was in fact offered two films by two very big production houses which I refused since they asked me to gain weight as well.”




However, this hasn’t gone down well with Hansika Motwani, who herself started her career on television as a child actor and then went on to play female lead in Telugu and Tamil films. In a series of tweets, the actress lashed out at Hina for her comments degrading the South Indian film industry. Hansika said, “What is this suppose to even mean? How can she (Hina) even degrade south industry like this? Doesn’t she know a lot of Bollywood actors have worked and are working in the our south industry! Shame on you Hina Khan for trying to demean us.”

To set the record straight Hansika also said that as an actress from the south industry, she was very proud of being a part of south industry. “Whatever Hina Khan is saying is pure bullshit (sic).” The fact that Hina said that she rejected movie offers since she refused to put on weight and show off her body, takes a dig at all those women who work in the south Indian film industry. It is only natural for Hansika to stand up for herself and all the women in our Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and Kannada films.




Here’s the video :

Source- India.com