Revealed: Finally We Found Where Is Priyank Sharma !

Its been 3 weeks since Priyank Sharma got eliminated from the house. Priyank Sharma was evicted in the very first week for pushing Akash Dadlani. Priyank realised his mistake and asked makers of Biggboss to put him in. Makers and Salman Khan agreed to put him in the house.


In last weekend, Salman Khan and Priyank Sharma shot their part on the stage but minutes later makers of the show changed their mind and put Priyank’s entry on hold. It is still a suspense why Priyank was not put in the house even after Salman Khan introduced him on the stage.









There was a rumour that Priyank is kept in the secret house of the Bigg Boss. Few people were also speculating that he is in lonavala hotel.

But truth is that, Priyank is back in mumbai and seen chilling with Bandagi’s ex-boyfriend Dennis Nagpal. Last night Dennis Nagpal uploaded a pic on his social media profile with Priyank and others.


Dennis Nagpal is in contact with Priyank to convey his message to Bandagi. But still there is a big question mark why his entry is delayed and why is not put in the bigg boss house.

Lets hope he enters this weekend to create more drama in the bigg boss house.