Sushant Singh Rajput Defends Ankita Lokhande (check out)

During an interview with a magazine, Sushant was asked about it, he said: “You may argue that it’s what the fans like and you’re just fulfilling a demand curve. But believe me; my real fans would respect my right to privacy.” (sic)


Further, he came out in support of Ankita and said: “And is it fair to her? Maybe, she doesn’t like getting up in the morning and having her name splashed across the papers. Has anybody thought of that? I’ve yet to take her permission about speaking about our break-up and would like to extend that courtesy to her.” (sic)

“In any which case, I’ve tweeted about it. It’s a matter of public record now. I’ve said that everything you know changes one morning that two people who are close sometimes grow apart. It’s sad but there’s nothing you can do about it. What more can I add?” he adds. (sic)

When he was asked whether there is any possibility of friendship between them, he said, “Humans are the most complicated of creatures on this earth, so nothing is impossible Anything can happen.” (sic)